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Wedding Cards

Reference No. 4032

Pak Rs.195/-each 
Extra insert Rs.95/- each.


In this day and age you often meet people with the amount of knowledge that amazes you. We have often met customers who have unprecedented knowledge regarding wedding invitation cards and also for someone not directly involved in this field of work – such customers are looking for something so unique that it would not cease to amaze them.


If the above description fits you, then you have clicked on the right card. This innovatively designed card made with our persistent effort and drive to be unique is designed with a folder type envelope that opens up as two overlapping doors. Once opened the flaps appear to usher the card in the middle which is placed in a pocket.


The top card is in black but the text and borders are in gold that combine to form a captivating contrast. On top flap you can have the initials of the bride and groom directly inscribed in gold or placed in a square small card to add glamour as it will also have a double sided tape to stick the smaller flap on top of the larger one to give a complete and closed picture.


The text on the insert which communicates the details and information of your event can be edited in any way as you prefer. 


The smaller inserts for Barat, Mehendi and Mayoun can be different colours, red, green, orange etc. and will be smaller in height to each other to make the view available first hand that is the moment you open the card.


We charge a little bit extra for embossed text so please let us know in advance when placing your esteemed order, as we have to employ thermo-graphic process to make the raised version.




You can customize the cards according to your taste.



5.10” x 7.12”



Folder - Black matt finish 300 grams card stock

Insert – Milky white 260 grams card stock