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Wedding Cards

Reference No. 4007

Pak Rs.240/- each 
Extra insert Rs.95/- each.


An updated design of our firm “Shafiq Press” favourite and elegant folder type envelope for a wedding invitation card!


We have tried not to make too many changes to our signature design but added a few updates to reference numbers (4094, 4062) to refresh the catalogue of our masterpiece. There is a ribbon in the centre with the initials of the bride and groom.


There is a new design for instance on the cover which is a brand new motif created by our designer team.


The insert, similarly has been updated with a new blue motif on the borders on all the four sides.


Just note the other insert accompanying the main card – yes, it’s an invitation to visit the website created by the bride and groom – you can have direction, accommodations and more.


You are requested to submit a song request for the evening celebrations. So visit the dedicated website and add your song of choice – music and fun all the way – Shadi Mubarak!


P.S: the above additions can be on any card you know!


The text on the insert which communicates the details and information of your event can be edited in any way as you prefer. 


The smaller inserts for Barat, Mehendi and Mayoun can be different colours, red, green, orange etc. and will be smaller in height to each other to make the view available first hand that is the moment you open the card.


We charge a little bit extra for embossed text so please let us know in advance when placing your esteemed order, as we have to employ thermo-graphic process to make the raised version.




You can customize the cards according to your taste.



4.8” x 8.12”



Hard cover book style opening from the top material used in 260grams featured cream card stock