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Wedding Cards

Reference No. 3073

Pak Rs.245/- each 
Extra insert Rs.145/- each.


This card is particularly enchanting and graceful. It’s the perfect card for a fairytale wedding.


Made-of a smooth creamy white board with pearl motifs, the envelope’s two door like flaps have been secured by an organza ribbon that goes through the flaps to be tied up in a gentle knot.


The knot is opened to reveal the insert through the door like flaps which has been designed according to the envelope. The card which is made of a smooth white board has been pasted on top of another card which acts as the background and has golden motif on it along with a ribbon in between.


We encourage modifications and incorporating your ideas so please let us know how you feel this card can better suit your needs and leave the rest to us! You can change the colour of the ribbon for each occasion and shift from organza to satin.


This is a grand – we repeat enchanting card exclusively designed by Naureen in San Antonio for her wedding and then made it public allowing us to add to our exclusive collection for Pakistan.


P.S, just a postscript; the pocket to hold the inserts is big enough to house a saying or even the Ayazid of Al-Quran relevant to the occasion of the wedding.


We charge extra for embossed text so please let us know in advance when placing your esteemed order.




You can customize the cards according to your taste.



5.12 inches x 8 inches