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Wedding Cards

Reference No. 3018

Pak Rs.95/- each 
Extra insert Rs.45/- each.


This card is the third among our series of (reference numbers: 3016, 3017, 3018 & 3019) finest collection economy cards. It is slightly smaller in size than the most of our cards but has the same presence due to the premium materials and expert designs.


This version of the compact folder series has been designed on a black board card. The upper flap of the smooth black board card folder has a white card pasted on it which displays the names of the bride and groom along with a floral motif design. The back side of this version has a self-embossed line on it to write the names of your invitee(s).


When opened, the compact folder appears surprisingly large in length (around 18 inches!) all of which can be used for decoration or information if you prefer. The main insert is pasted on the middle one of the three compartments the folder forms inside. The card is decorated with floral motifs and a thin golden lining border on a smooth white board card.


The text on the insert which communicates the details and information of your event is in black but can be edited in any way as you prefer. 


The smaller inserts for Barat, Mehendi and Mayoun can be different colours, red, green, orange etc. and will be smaller in height to each other to make the view available first hand that is the moment you open the card.


We charge a little bit extra for embossed text so please let us know in advance when placing your esteemed order, as we have to employ thermo-graphic process to make the raised version.




You can customize the cards according to your taste.



4” inches x 7.10” inches



This is white board or it can be off-white, cream, plain or textured and of any other colour/tint displayed on our vast website for you to choose from – it’s your wedding, your card.