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Wedding Cards

Reference No. 2035

Pak Rs.195/- each 
Extra insert Rs.45/- each.


If you are getting married during one of our wedding seasons then you must have gone to great lengths to ensure that your event stands out among a cluster of other occasions. This card has been designed to assist you in that regard.


Designed on a brilliant white board card both the envelope and the insert are made of the latest materials available. The perfect square folder with an expertly cut flap has a self-embossed line at the front to write the names of your invitee(s).


The insert of this card is what will make your invitation stand out among several others. The insert has been designed in two layers, the front layer is that of a translucent tracing paper material of German origin rigid 150 gsm which is printed with Surah and a prayer and can be edited in any way your prefer. There are two large overlapping heart shaped designs (over light gold) in the background as well. The main insert which has been designed with a thin golden border on all sides displays the details of your event.


The smaller inserts for Barat, Mehndi and Mayoun can be different colours, red, green, orange etc. and will be smaller in height to each other to make the view available first hand that is the moment you open the card. These inserts do not have the tracing paper flaps as prominence has to be given to the main card only.


The text which communicates the details of your event can be edited in any way you prefer.




You can customize the cards according to your taste.





7.5 inches x 7.5 inches



Material: White / off-white / cream etc. Texture or non-textured, as you prefer.