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Wedding Cards

Reference No. 2025

Pak Rs.145/- each 
Extra insert Rs.65/- each


This card is designed like royalty. Made of a deep maroon fascinating cover the front end of this card is finished off with a thin golden border edging on all three sides. The edges of the flap are in golden and have been rounded off, and the name of your event is in the middle of the upper flap in brilliant bright golden text. On top of the envelope is a dori (two colours) with a fluffy end. The back side of the folder contains a self-embossed line to write the names of your invitees.


The main insert which is a contrasting white color or of Tracing Paper and have a fine-die cut card corner attached at the top left side which displays the name of the event. The inserts are further enhanced with a logo of a “dhol” or some other instrument that symbolizes that specific event say, Mehndi.


The other inserts for Barat, Valima and Mayoun can be of different colours; blue red, green, orange etc. for corners and cards will be smaller in height to each other to make the view available first hand that is the moment you open the card. The card can be made vertical or horizontal.


The text which communicates the details of your event can be edited in any way you prefer.




You can customize the cards according to your taste.



 5.3 inches x 8.8 inches



Material: Please visit Ref# 2018 in turquoise, Ref# 2014 in deep blue and Ref# 2075 again in sea-green – all three are made by the same ‘die’ having same dimensions – so you can get an idea to replace colours to customize your card.