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Wedding Cards

Reference No. 2016

Pak Rs.75/- each.
Extra insert Rs.35/- each.

If you select this card we guarantee your wedding invitation will be the only one of its kind. This card will ensure that your invitation stands out from the rest and it is instantly distinguishable. The colour schemes, designs and material used for this card are what make it unique and can be changed as per your choice.


The folder which is made of a deep maroon pearl design smooth card board is decorated with two coloured several small motifs at the side. The side of the folder is cut to act as an opening for the insert through which the insert can be easily pulled out.


The main insert is finished off with a two colour “dori” that has a fluffy end. This dori appears through the opening on the folder. The second insert is printed on a contrasting sea-green / turquoise colour card board with glossy text.


The additional inserts for Barat, Mehndi and Mayoun can be different colours, red, green,  blue, orange etc. and will be smaller in length to each other to make the view available first hand that is the moment you open the card


The text which communicates the details of your event can be edited in any way you prefer.




You can customize the cards according to your taste.


3.3 inches x 10.3 inches



Material: Coloured fancy card-board in gramage of 220-260. Texture OR non-textural.