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Wedding Cards

Shafiqpress is the pioneer enterprise in Pakistan to introduce wedding invitation cards. It became a house-hold name for invitation and greeting cards for all occasions. The paper stationery items comprise of envelopes, writing pads, paper bags, visiting cards etc. Wedding festivities have undergone a major change since the past few decades. Everything associated with weddings has become more pompous, more stylish.

Apart from simple, econo-type designs, some wedding invitation cards are elaborately designed and very often people prefer to give their self-created designs and motifs.

Specially synchronized cards are designed for:

Nikah, Valima, Mehndi, Mayoun, Ubtan, Pithi, Sanchaq, Chala, Manja, Aqiqa, waghaira waghaira ceremonies. The cards are also designed in such a way that they have self-enclosing envelopes. The cards we make are exclusive and customized for you.

Because you deserve it! Your marriage is a life-time achievement! Isn't it???

So...turn on to descriptive window and glance through the different style of cards we offer !