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Packaging is the backbone of any product and brand.

Shafiq Press has the privilege to deeply understand the values and portray it correctly with packaging and designing.

Our product line is not only limited to paper and board. When it comes to make a brand larger than life, we think out of the box and package products in an absolute great manner.

Burger Box, Fries Box, Pizza Box, Tissue Box, Delivery Bags, Fries Pouches, Dine-in Plates, Disposable Items, Promotional Items, Customized Printing, Cake Box, Brownie Box, Pastries Box, Maccarron Box, Cake Bags, Delivery box, Fancy Box, Flowers Box, Round Box, Perfume Box, Chocolate Box, Quran Box, Wedding Cards Box, Sweet items box, Nikah Box, Watch Gift Box, Paper and Board printing and packaging for food packaging, gift items, stationery and a lot more customized products.